What sign is best for you?

CEG Graphics Ltd guide to choosing the right sign for your business.

How to buy signs.

When you are purchasing a sign from CEG Graphics Ltd for your business you are about to take one of the decisions that will have the greatest impact on how people perceive your business, how easy it is to find you and what image people will have about you.
Also, when you are buying a sign from a company like us that can literally make every sign you can imagine, we often find that people need some help in deciding what is the best sign for their business. Therefore you need to think carefully about the following issues:

Message – What message do you want to get over? You may want to attract custom into your business, you may want to warn people, you may want to give information or directions, you may be trying to comply with legal obligations.

Audience – Who is your message aimed at? – The public, your staff, suppliers, health inspectors, fire officers.

Style – We have many ways to communicate your message – text, graphics, pictures, special effects. What style do your think will work best?

Size – Too many people underestimate the size of their sign. The sign is of no use if it cannot be easily seen.

Colour – CEG Graphics Ltd can provide almost any colour you can think of but it is vital to make the right selections for your message.

Special Effects – Our computer technology allows us to offer you a wide variety of fonts, typestyles and other effects.

Durability – How long do you need the sign to last – a few days before the Xmas Fair banner needs to come down – or for the 10 years of the new property lease you just signed? We will select the right material for the job.

Location – Where is the sign going? The materials we choose may depend on whether you are inside a shop, on an exhibition stand, fixed to the front of a building, or free standing.

Budget – Last, but by no means least, you need a sign that you can afford, a sign that will give you the maximum value for your money. CEG Graphics Ltd operates a pricing system which combines our purchasing power with your need to get prices quickly.

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